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Outdoor Learning

Every Wednesday is a Welly Wednesday! The children bring their wellies in and then participate in outdoor learning. This can be in a variety of ways. The children may be in the outdoors on the school site or they may visit local areas. Some of the activities the children have participated in so far are: visiting the pond area in school, playing nature games, going on a welly walk and visting a local wooded area. We are having so much fun learning outdoors and exploring our environment! Please read below for children's comments.

“This Wednesday we went out on to the school field to have a look at the progress the trees were making. We noticed there were not many leaves on the trees but on the end of the tiny branches there were buds forming ready to grow into leaves.”

"On Welly Wednesday we were planning to go for a walk through the cornfield and into the woods.  But unfortunately we couldn’t because we go plastered in mud; it was too deep! We squelched back through the mud but went a different way back to school so we didn’t get even muddier!  We then went to the walk way down to the main road to see what we could hear and see."

"I really liked Welly Wednesday because we got to do really fun things outside like going on a listening walk."