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At Ticehurst and Flimwell we believe that all children should get the chance to learn how to play an instrument. We have made provisions from year one upwards to enable this to happen. By the time the children have left our school in year 6 they would have had the opportunity to play a range of instruments. In years 1 and 2 the children learn how to play the ocarina; in years 2/3 the children begin to learn how to play the recorder; in year 4 the children consolidate their learning and continue to develop through learning the tricky notes on the recorder; in year 5 the children learn how to play the fife and finally in year 6 the children progress when they are ready from the fife onto the flute.

By providing this excellent opportunity for children we hope to inspire them to develop and discover a passion for music.

Each year we hold a Music Evening consisting of singing and instrument playing. Our most recent one in July 2014 was a huge success where the children became performers. They were all STARS!

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