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Our School Environment

At Ticehurst and Flimwell CE Primary School we are very lucky to have wonderful school grounds and inspiring displays! We have many opportunities to use the outdoor area within our lessons and learning.

Within our grounds we have:

  • an ampitheatre
  • giant chess board
  • painted lines on the playground where you can play many games!
  • tyres to jump through
  • a playtrail
  • a pond (with fish!)
  • a wonderful outdoor classroom where we can see the wildlife around our large pond
  • a large field where we play many sports and have fun lunch times!
  • a huge amount of playtime equipment including: space hoppers, skipping ropes, dressing up clothes, hula hoops, a variety of balls, lego, cars and so much more!
  • a pirate boat
  • chickens
  • two Rabbits - Flip and Flop 
  • two Guinea Pigs - Flower and Squeak
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