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Reporting Your Child's Progress and Targets

We use Target Tracker to record and track your child's progress. Over the course of the year, each child will be expected to make a minimum of 6 steps progress in total. We report progress and attainment to parents in November, February, April and July.

We publish your children's targets for reading, writing and maths on a termly basis so that you know what areas we are working on with your child in school.

September Targets: found in July report to parents.

October Targets: shared at Parent Consultation Evenings in progress and attainment summary.

December Targets: sent home.

February Targets: in the mid-year annual report.

April Targets: sent home.

July Targets: sent home in the end of year progress and attainment summary.

Class Newsletters Term 3 January 2023

Please click on the links below to read your child's class newsletter. This will inform you of what your child will be learning in school along with any other important information regarding your child's class.


The primary curriculum changed in September 2014. It allows teachers to have more creativity when teaching.  

Annually, we review our curriculum and plan for the year ahead. 2019 has seen a significant shift in the focus of the Ofsted Framework onto the Quality of Education and more specifically, the curriculum.

We have developed our Curriculum Aims as follows; this is what we want for each of our children:

General Ethos

  • To have happy memories
  • To love learning
  • To be successful
  • To be a proud and valued member of the community
  • To learn from our distinct Christian values
  • To understand and value local, national and global contexts








Curriculum Aims

 Ticehurst and Flimwell Church of England Primary School





Personal Development

  • To be the best we can be
  • To be respectful and responsible
  • To lead healthy, active lifestyles
  • To be confident and independent
  • To have good mental health
  • To uphold British Values
  • To consider the awe and wonder of the world
  • To develop an understanding of spirituality
  • To make safe and considered choices

Learning Behaviours

  • To communicate and cooperate well
  • To be dedicated
  • To have resilience
  • To develop a positive attitude
  • To be self-motivated
  • To be a reflective learner






  • To develop positive relationships
  • To understand others
  • To be inclusive
  • To be considerate
  • To share our individual talents and skills
  • To appreciate and value diversity





  • To be inquisitive
  • To be resourceful
  • To be creative
  • To be enterprising
  • To establish a love literature
  • To apply number
  • To solve problems
  • To be computer literate




Curriculum Intent Statement


Key Stage One


We follow the systematic synthetic phonics programme of “Supersonic Phonic Friends” which is fully validated by the DFE. 

 The approach ranges from the simple to the complex spellings of the alphabetic code and is already proving to be an engaging and success with the children. Supported by the Supersonic Phonic Friends characters, the approach ensures children develop confidence to apply their skills to their own reading and writing throughout the curriculum. 

 The approach is consistently aligned with fully decodable Big Cat Collins home reading books and children are able to practice newly taught skills at home on a daily basis through this and tailored home learning activities. Parents are informed via weekly newsletters. 

From Year 2, we continue to explore grapheme phoneme correspondence through KS2 building on the firm foundations of the programme, offering tailored interventions and ensuring absolute consistency.  

The multi-sensory, visual and kinesthetic approach means the children are actively engaged in phonics learning in every session. Phonics is fun! 

Please visit the website for more information and to meet the characters! 


Please see  document below to see how progressive learning is built through the stages of the programme. 


You can see below what we are currently learning in our classes.

Click here for access to the Government's website about the National Curriculum.

Curriculum Overviews 2022-23

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