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Don't take our word for it, here's what our children have to say about their school:

Holly-"Our school is really fun because all the teachers, TAs, INAs and MDSAs are extremely kind to us! Also the teachers provide amazing lessons, at the end of which we can grade (rate). The atmosphere is lovely and I can’t see why a child wouldn’t want to come to our school."

Alex – "I like school because we have new pets!"

William- "Ticehurst and Flimwell is brilliant because the staff include you in lots of ideas. It also gives lots of opportunities. I enjoy school; my favourite subject is maths because I am really pushed."

Freddie-  "I like singing hymns in assembly."

Archie-  "I like maths we learn number sequences, times tables, adding and taking away."

Tye-  "I like gardening at school."

Alice- "Ticehurst and Flimwell is fun and creative school with positive atmosphere. Our school is full of caring people; we respect each other and our environment."

Freya- "I have lovely teachers because they make lessons fun."

Caitlin- "I think that our school is great place to be and I love learning because we have exciting lessons!"

Nicole- "I like how I can do writing."

Ozzie- "We have a classroom and garden. We are growing carrots. We have a big field to play games."

Lauren- "At Ticehurst and Flimwell School every pupil is treated equally. We are all very friendly, supportive and kind."

Julia-  "We have exciting really lessons in the school like art. We have enjoyed making our rainforest pictures and our Egyptian paintings."

Will-"Our School has fun and helpful atmosphere. We all work well as a big community. We have recently got four pets at our school and they fit in really well!"

Sophie- "We have rabbits and guinea pigs! We are learning to take very good care of them."

Iona- "It is a really good school with friendly and fun teachers/teaching assistants. It has great activities and play equipment games either inside or out."

Charlie T- "We have lots of different sports clubs after school. Some of these are football, hockey and netball. They are entertaining."

Ryan- "I think that this school is an amazing school because you do lots of fun thing like golden time, maths, PE and literacy."

Ben- "Guided reading is really enjoyable because you get to be a better reader and you get to get ideas across to a group you learn thing like teeth are a bone or you need a bit of fat! Furthermore you get to learn more topics like teeth."

Antonia- "My school is the best school in the whole world because it has animals and we are wearing ties. Everyone keeps their uniform nice and tidy to look impressive."

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